Cat And Paw Print Mold, Resin Cabochons, Silicone Mould, 1 piece

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Silicone resin mold for cat head and paw print shaped cabochons. Each tray has a setting for three cat heads (2 smaller and 1 large) and three paw prints (2 small and 1 large). The cabochon settings make domed pieces

You will receive 1 piece

large cat head: 25mm x 21mm
small cat heads: 13mm x 15mm
large paw print: 23mm x 21mm
small paw prints: 13mm x 15mm

Molds are not food safe

Molds are not food safe

Molds have a glossy finish

Silicone molds cannot withstand high temperatures and will melt if contact is made with open flames. Please do not use torches or lighters when using these molds